there is no key.



One of Sherlocks pressure points is Jim Moriarty.

Can we just appreciate this moment


hhahhahahahhaha fuck me in the ass moriartys back

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Audience member 5: Your version of Sebastian Moran is quite a step away from a sniper. Could you tell us about that?

MG: Sebastian Moran is the sort of baddie in the original story of The Empty House and he’s Lord Moran in there, it’s just a tiny glancing reference really. We talked a lot about this, Doyle had it himself, Sebastian Moran is assuming quite big proportions in the world of Sherlock, but really he’s just Moriarty’s henchman, there’s not much more to it. Doyle, I think, had the same problem of him not being Moriarty, so rather than just have a villain at the stake of it, we just didn’t do it really. Like The Empty House original, the most important thing is getting them back together and the Doyle story is a very, very flimsy locked room mystery in which you just can’t wait for it to happen and in a sense it’s the same sort of thing happens really. It’s just a wonderful excuse to have a great time. (x)

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shoutout to sheriarty shippers circa swimming pool incident 2010

We were made for each other, Sherlock.

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this is just a notice that i won’t be on here for a while

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