there is no key.


as we are tragically parted on this momentous occasion, i made you this eyesore as a reminder of what awaits your triumphant return to miami: rainbows! heterosexual woodland critters! party hats! mickey ears! 

anyway, as that is still before us (how much is time) i here very publicly and obnoxiously wish you a day that is as flawless & generally wonderful as you are. give yourself the day off from the “life sucks a bag of dicks” mentality that has defined this summer, okay? we shall prevail, a semester full of wonders is right around the corner, i gave you my number thought you might call long live the walls we crashed through i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you etc.

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    lmao this graphic. happy birthday cinthia! (:
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    Oweeeeeeeeennnnn!!!!!! :’)
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